Mueller’s thin gruel

The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them,” said Vladimir Lenin. Today’s Russian leaders, in light of Hillary’s graft, could update the saying and give it an ironic twist: the socialists in America will sell us the materials with which we will bomb them.

That blatant quid pro quo — Hillary Clinton and her cronies in the Obama administration signed off on giving Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium production after her family foundation received millions from Russians in the uranium industry — cries out for a special investigation. Making the appearance of the sale even worse is that it is now known that the approval of it came at the very moment the Obama administration knew all about the Russian uranium industry’s bribery practices.


more problems

I am still having problems with WordPress, so that is why there was no blogging yesterday.


Today I am in Sopchyshyn Family Library at Newman Theological College, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It has lots of resources and a quiet place to work. I am hoping to get a lot done today.


Today the temp. is -10, so winter has arrived, as forecast.  I hope it warms up a little bit next week so that I can go hunting.