Birthday present

Last night my son and his family came over for my birthday supper. Deborah brought a beautiful chocolate cake, some of which I enjoyed for this morning’s breakfast.

Joel selected a gun for my birthday present. It is a BSA Lee Enfield .303 British, which has been sporterised, so some of the original wood has been removed. It is enough gun to bring down a moose, but first I want to get my deer, which I probably won’t be able to do this year due to the chapters I must get written.

Here is a picture of my rifle.

Gun deaths make a big splash in our media, and they are tragic.

But let’s keep them in perspective.

In 2015, according to the NHTSA, there were 35,092 traffic deaths in the USA. Of these 10,265 involved alcohol or drugs. So before banning guns, we had better think about beer, wine, and marijuana.

The Balfour Declaration

His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.


That is the Balfour Declaration. Read the essay here.

Mueller’s thin gruel

The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them,” said Vladimir Lenin. Today’s Russian leaders, in light of Hillary’s graft, could update the saying and give it an ironic twist: the socialists in America will sell us the materials with which we will bomb them.

That blatant quid pro quo — Hillary Clinton and her cronies in the Obama administration signed off on giving Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium production after her family foundation received millions from Russians in the uranium industry — cries out for a special investigation. Making the appearance of the sale even worse is that it is now known that the approval of it came at the very moment the Obama administration knew all about the Russian uranium industry’s bribery practices.