Still believe in AGW?

An article by Bernie Lewin in Watts Up That is worth reading. I cite the particular paragraph below because it lays out the fact that the recent (last 700,000 years ) of earth’s history has been a continuous ice age interrupted by brief interglacials, such as the last 10,000 years. This is called the Quaternary ice age, and we are still in it. My inference from this fact is that humans have much less control over the planet’s climate than the global warming catastrophists would have us believe. And as others have demonstrated, there has been a continuous leaching of CO2 out of the atmosphere for the last 33 million years.

Here at Barrel Strength.

Too busy to do much blogging right now …

The deadline (1 January 2018) for my three essays on the history of Scottish theology is rapidly approaching. I am making progress, and may send one off this week. Until I get them all done I am hanging out in the Sopchyshyn Family Library at Newman Theological College in Edmonton. I have found many useful books there, and today I also found a few useful ones on Amazon, including the reprint of a 19th century French edition of Bernard of Clairvaux’ Oeuvres Complètes. Should add something good to the essay on medieval mysticism in the Scottish Reformation. There should be more blogging in the new year.

The end of civilization

Today, writing in the Daily Mail,  Peter Hitchens takes aim at the latest appalling piece of leftist dogma. That being the transgender agenda. He points out that a vanguard of revolutionary fanatics are using the transgender agenda to take control of your thought. They are making themselves the final and ultimate arbiters of truth… thus relieving reality and objective facts of the burden. And they are of course using their superior wisdom to mutilate innocent children. If you cannot throw in a little human sacrifice, what good are you?

Stuart Schneiderman has this post on cultural putrefaction.