Professor vs University in front of state supreme court.

MILWAUKEE — A dispute between a conservative professor and the university that fired him is going before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which will hear arguments this week on whether the firing was the result of a provocative blog post or his conduct.

Former Marquette University professor John McAdams sued the private Catholic school in 2016, arguing that he lost his job for exercising his freedom of speech by expressing his disapproval of what he believes was a teacher’s attempt to shut down a discussion about opposition to gay marriage.

An hard one to call.

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A Canadian dilemma

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, also trying to mediate between two NDP premiers, wants the federal government to join B.C. in a Supreme Court reference to decide on jurisdictional issues. The federal Conservatives have long called for Trudeau to do more to get B.C. to drop its actions against the pipeline.

The Liberals say that all options are on the table, but insist that the pipeline will get built.

The prime  minister has a lot to lose either way. But is destroying the oil and gas industry in Canada in the national interest?

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