The disaster that is atheism.

Thanks to Steven Pinker we are all having a national conversation about the Enlightenment. We are being persuaded that replacing religious dogma with reason was just the thing that Western Civilization needed… to awaken from its slumber and become dynamic and democratic.

I have already offered extensive commentary on Pinker’s errors. I will not repeat it all here. I am not alone in pointing out that Pinker does not understand the Enlightenment and that his efforts to promote atheism defy belief. After all, many nations around the world tried to overthrow religion and to replace it with cultures based on atheism. They called it Communism, and even fascism. They failed miserably. If Pinker et al. wanted to engage their rational faculties on the question of what atheism has done for us, they would show some honesty and consider that the efforts to create atheistic cultures have consistently failed… catastrophically so.

Stuart Schneiderman has it here.

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