The trouble with socialist healthcare. Worse in the UK.

A year ago, shortly after we moved to St Albert, I found a new physician and went to him to ask for a referral to an otolaryngologist. The hearing in my left ear is going down rather badly, and I need a stapedectomy to remove the stapes and insert a prosthesis in my middle ear. I had the procedure done on my right ear in 1991. My physician sent off a request for a consultation, and on 3 May 2017 I met a semi-retired former surgeon who is a kind of gatekeeper, evaluating people before referring them on. Yesterday I finally met the surgeon who would perform the operation, and he has agreed that I am a good candidate. Then he took me back to the scheduling office, and to my dismay the backlog is between 18 and 24 months. Of course, being retired I can go in at a moment’s notice, so I am on the cancellation waiting list as well. We need a different approach to health care in Canada.

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