Sub-optimal life choices

Stuart Schneiderman writes:


I have on occasion commented favorably about the advice offered by Washington Post columnist Carolyn Hax. I mention this so you know that I am fair and balanced. Yet, today, Hax does considerable damage to her reputation for clear-eyed judgment by her response to a woman who is unhappy about some of the life choices that her boyfriend’s daughter, Becca, is taking.

Becca, you see, is a woman of her time. While reading this excerpt from the letter, I would request, ever so politely, that you consider whether or not the behavior of an army of Beccas has anything to do with the proliferation of sexual harassment. For anyone who has reached the age of adult reason, Becca does not respect herself. She is hellbent on endangering her moral being and her life. Apparently, no one cares. Not only does Carolyn Hax not care; she is cheering Becca on.


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